Peoples Generation Station

The Peoples Generating Station is located in Saginaw County, North and West of Birch Run, on Waste Management of Michigan’s Peoples Landfill.

Constructed in 1995, the Peoples Generating Facility has an installed capacity of 4.8 MW, consisting of four Caterpillar 3516 generating units, each producing 800 kW of electric capacity as well as a 3520 generating 1,600KW. The Facility generates at 4,160 volts and is interconnected to Consumers Energy Company’s 24,900 volt distribution system by a North American owned substation.

North American’s West Generating Station is a completely new 3.2 MW facility. Although the West Generating Station has a common wall with the existing Peoples plant, it is a stand alone facility with its own dedicated blower and interconnection.

The landfill gas fuel supply is from the Peoples Landfill owned and operated by Waste Management.

The West Generating Station is interconnected to Consumers Energy Company’s 24,900 volt line; the plant was built to hold 3.2 MW of electric generating capacity, namely two 3520 Caterpillar electric generating units.


Operator:  David Bronz

Address: 4516 Rathbun Road  

Birch Run, Michigan 48415

Telephone:  989/777-6284

Caterpillar 3520 Engine

Caterpillar 3520 Engine